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Through long-term experience over 26 years, and close customer contact, we at Dr. Mailbox know what's important to you and take the time to meet your needs and wishes. Our goal is to fulfill your desires to your fullest satisfaction. We want your experience to be a confident and memorable one. We try our hardest to make it happen that way.

 Dr. Mailbox is an eclectic conglomerate of the many interests of Sam Black the
owner of the Dr. mailbox Corporation. There is no real connection to make since
of why there is so much diversity, unless you can get into his head. He likes what
he likes and hopefully you will find something in his arsenal of somewhat
divested product line that will make you smile or help you in your quest for a full 
life or satisfy some need you have. Life should be fun and worry free. Enjoy this site. Thank you for visiting.







Sam Black

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