The owner of Dr. Mailbox, Sam Black loves hot sauce and thought it would be fun to offer lots of different varities of hot sauces to his customers. The local grocery stores have a few varities but nothing like the selection he offers plus he know the heat level of each one and can offer help with choosing somthing new to try.  He now has over 40 open bottles to sample. I call it the hot sauce bar. Come in and try some. Everyone wo has will tell you they have never had a more educational experance with hot sauces from around the world from sweet to firey hot.   

SATAN'S BLOOD 10+++ 800,000 scoville units $19.99

One of the hottest you could  ever emagin this is an extract that could possibly take the grease off your driveway. Add a drop or two to your salsa or pot of chile. 1.35 OZ. bottle.

Satan's Blood Hot Sauce Blood vial shaped bottle with 800,000 Scoville units of pepper extract. Conceived on Friday the 13th in October 2000, during a full moon. This is a must-have collectible. 
Blair's 3 A.M. 10+++ 2 million scoville units $49.99

This is the most expencive sauce I carry and a true collectors item sighed by blair comes in a desplay case and makes a great gift item for the sauce collector. 


Blair's 3AM Reserve Hot Sauce (2.5 FL.OZ. / 74 ml): This is a collector's Crown Jewel.  WOW. 1,500,000-2,000,000 scoville units. 3 a.m. Reserve. Gift display box is included like all of our reserve bottles. FEEL ALIVE.  Blair Lazar hand-signs and numbers each bottle and covers it with 2 colors of latex.  

Z NOTHING BEYOND 10+++ 4,000,000 SCOVILLE UNITS $10.99

This is the hottest sauce I carry. Use this to regulate the heat on your next chicken wing feast or pour some on your ice cream and experince endorphin rush and brain freeze simultaniously.  

Z Nothing Beyond Hot Sauce (5 FL.OZ. / 148 ml):  Warning - 4 Million SHU.  Extremely Hot.  Use as a food supplement only, one drop at a time.  Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas. Use responsibly.  It will not kill you, but you will wish it did.


Don't let this silly bottle fool you this stuff will light your world.

Vicious Viper Hot Sauce 5 FL.OZ. As seen on FoodTV's Eat The Heat program. Let the Vicious Viper bite you with her lethal, venomous heat... If you think you already had the hottest sauce in the universe, think again. You don't know hot until you've been bitten by the Vicious Viper.